Treatment Specification for Phytophthora Bleeding Canker of European Beech with Agri-Fos Fungicide

Treatment Type
1. Treatment with Agri-Fos fungicide and PentraBark for Phytophthora bleeding canker

Treatment Type Specifications

Treatment with Agri-Fos and PentraBark for Phytophthora bleeding canker for mature trees

The treatment will be a mixture of 31.2 fl. oz. Agri-Fos® (NYS Registration 71962-0001 or 71962-0001-5405) plus of 31.2 fl. oz water plus 1.6 fl. oz. of Pentra-Bark™. The latter is an adjuvant that promotes movement of the Agri-Fos® through the outer bark and into the living phloem and cambium.

The treatment shall be made using a bark drench to a height of 8 feet using a low pressure backpack sprayer. Each tree will use approximately .5 to 1 gallon of mixture. The bark shall be wetted to the point of runoff, including any the bark on exposed buttress roots. The entire circumference of the tree shall be treated so that no dry areas of bark shall remain after completion of the treatment.

The treatments shall be made during a period of dry weather such that the bark is dry at the time of treatment.

The product used in the treatment can cause injury to green tissues of ground covers, shrubs and other plants. The applicator shall take precautions not to damage other plants in the area and to protect surrounding plants with tarps if needed.

The tree should be treated when leaves first appear in the spring. Additional treatments are recommended until the canker can confirmed to be no longer active. Treatment therefore is likely to be needed at the end of the next growing season and again the following spring.

All New York State Pesticide applications laws including any required neighbor notification, and posting of the property shall be strictly followed.

Urban Forestry LLC Agri-Fos Treatment Specification 5/7/2007